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Ready For A Fantastic Season!!




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WE APOLOGIZE for last weekend and WE ARE READY for you this weekend!

As we approach the official opening of our season – this Friday April 1, we must offer an apology to some of our guests from this past weekend. Saturday’s Easter visitors were beyond our wildest dreams; and, we were a bit unprepared. Though standing is the custom in the vast majority of vineyards, we offer seating outside; and, we just had too few seats for so many.

We are ready this weekend! We have NEW chairs, tables and umbrellas – so bring it on! Come see us and experience the “perfect pairing” – local oysters and local wine – specifically Dog and Oyster (Irvington) wine with Byrd’s Seafood’s Skipjacks from Windmill Point Oyster(White Stone) and W. E. Kellum’s wild caught from the Rappahannock.

The Dog and Oyster Vineyard is now open for tastings seven days – every day. Oysters are offered on Friday afternoons 2-5pm and all day Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm

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